CAREER FAQ2020-07-28T04:12:25+00:00
How old do I have to be to work at Smile?2020-07-29T02:55:44+00:00

You must be at least 18 years of age.  If you are close to your 18th birthday, you may apply and your application will be considered.

Do I need to speak English to work at Smile?2020-07-29T02:55:42+00:00

Being able to speak English is not required for all positions, however, the more English you can speak the more different jobs you may be qualified for.

What things will I learn if I work at Smile?2020-07-29T02:55:40+00:00

Each employee learns different skills depending on their positions.  But by working at Smile you will develop valuable skills in organizing your work, maintaining high standards and most importantly developing a level of responsibility that will be very valuable in your future.

Do I have to buy my own uniform?2020-07-29T02:55:38+00:00

Not all employees are required to wear a uniform, but for those that are required to, the company provides them with uniforms free of charge.

What are the working hours?2020-07-29T02:55:00+00:00

If you are working as a cashier / shop assistant, you will work one of three 8-hour shifts. These start at either 6am, 2pm or 10pm. You will be required to come early to prepare to hand over from the last shift. If you are applying for a management, head office or warehouse position, you will be expected to work 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Will I have to work public holidays?2020-07-29T02:54:57+00:00

Management staff and office staff typically do not work public holidays. As our stores are open every day of the year, some cashier / shop assistant staff will be required to work on holidays. However, we do try to arrange the schedules so that all staff will get some days off especially on Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben.

Will I be paid extra if I work on public holidays?2020-07-29T02:54:54+00:00

Yes, staff working public holidays will be paid double salary for the holiday they work.

If I accept the job, how long must I stay?2020-07-29T02:54:37+00:00

As Smile is making a big commitment towards you and your training, you must also commit to Smile. If you want to join, you will be expected to work for Smile for a minimum of one year.

Does everybody that sends a CV get an interview?2020-07-29T02:54:35+00:00

As there are more applicants than positions, not every person sending their CV will get an interview. As we are always looking for good staff, you should apply even if you may not be sure if you are qualified.

After I graduate from university, I want to work in finance and banking. Will working at Smile help me in my future career?2020-07-29T02:54:33+00:00

Whatever career you choose after university, future employers will want to see your past work history. After you finish your commitment with Smile, you will be given a Smile reference letter. Any future employer will recognize the skills and responsibility that you will have developed through working at Smile. This, together with the Smile reference letter will give you a real advantage in getting the attention of future employers.

Does Smile have other opportunities besides working in stores?2020-07-29T02:54:13+00:00

There are so many different job types available in our company. We often have opening at our head office for accounting, admin, merchandising, HR and more, plus our warehouse is always looking for maintenance staff, stock pickers, drivers, and stock receiving staff.

After I graduate, are there opportunities for me in Smile?2020-07-29T02:54:00+00:00

Absolutely! Most of the Smile management team started at the beginning just like you. Those with Smile experience have an advantage at getting full time career positions after graduation. We specifically look for employees that have a desire to grow their careers with us.